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Direct investment outside India means investment by way of contribution to the capital or subscription to the Memorandum of Association of a foreign entity but does not include portfolio investment.Resident corporate entities and partnership firms registered under the Indian Partnership Act, 1932 are eligible to make investment abroad in Joint Ventures/ Wholly Owned Subsidiaries. Resident individuals are permitted to make overseas portfolio investments without any limit in listed overseas companies that have at least 10% share in an Indian company listed in a recognized stock exchange in India as on 1st January of the year of investment.

An Indian company can make overseas investment in any activity (except those that are specifically prohibited) in which it has experience and expertise. However, for undertaking activities in the financial sector, certain additional conditions specified in Regulation 7 may be adhered to, also Real estate sector and Banking are the prohibited sectors for overseas invest.

With our professional associate base existing in various places abroad , we endeavor to provide you with the right advice and consultation as regards investing,managing, setting up an overseas base where you could achieve the target of optimum profits , minimum taxation and easy repatriation of profits back to India in the least complicated manner.